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You can also connect to your colleagues on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Such interactions with your colleagues will be extremely helpful in filling out the gaps in knowledge and experience that are needed in the real estate business. The institute has been a sought-after destination amongst aspirants who want to make their careers in the real estate industry. It is known for its nationally recognized real estate courses and qualifications that are accepted by the Office of Fair Trading.

If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again. Doing my Registration certificate course at Validum Institute was a wonderful experience. The staff were friendly and very prompt with their response. If you are still having issues, and cannot access your account, please feel free to contact and we will be happy to help you as soon as we can.

Validum Institute (RTO No. 41224) is a Registered Training Organisation that delivers nationally recognised and non-accredited real estate and property courses and qualifications. Whether you are starting a career in real estate or you are a real estate professional seeking further real estate training, Validum Institute can assist and mentor … Once you have achieved the license for the real estate business and started your career in the field, you might feel quite satisfied with your progress.

Victor shares his advice for anyone wanting to explore the exciting world of property management. Validum Institute is specialists in pioneering an ONLINE course learner portalthat is very user friendly and highly recommended. Become a Sales Agent, Property Manager or Administrator with the entry level Registration Certificate Course. This is the minimum requirement to work in a QLD real estate agency. “The introduction of greater scholastic standards supply an enhanced understanding of consumer defenses, improved professionalism and eventually, a higher quality of informed Queensland real estate professions. The new training, as part of first licensing needs, adheres to an independent review of the national home services training bundle.

You should keep an account of the median property price, latest infrastructures being introduced into the market, local amenities, property trends and business updates. After you have collected all these information, you should update it to your database. You should also present such data as weekly e-newsletters to your prospective and existing clients.

More real estate professionals have chosen the REIQ for their training than any other QLD provider. Our days are filled with problem-solving, crisis management, negotiation, and a whole lot of negativity. Rarely does anyone say, “you did a great job.” It takes a lot of strength not to give in to overwhelm. In this episode, we will dive into resilience in property management with guest Hayley Mitchell. Are you feeling overwhelmed but not seeing any progress in your property management business? If you feel like you’ve done everything, but nothing is working out, it may be time for you to work with a coach who knows how to create powerful transformations in people.

Validum has trained more than 8,500 real estate professionals in Queensland alone. Our reputation is well-known in the industry as we work with the best sale agents and property managers in real estate as well as other independent, franchise companies and commercial groups. Our students have gone on to work in well known agencies including. DescriptionBusiness profileStep into the real estate field with a full qualification in property management, sales or administration. Business profileStep into the real estate field with a full qualification in property management, sales or administration. Validum Institute (RTO No. 41224) is a Registered Training Organisation that delivers online and in-class real estate courses and qualifications, and non-VET training.

Validum Institute offers a range of Real Estate courses – from students seeking entry into the Real Estate industry or those purchasing management rights right through to advanced courses for experienced Real Estate professionals seeking higher qualifications. Our Real Estate Licence and Registration courses are nationally recognised, which means your results and qualifications are recognised Australia-wide. Some of the hallmarks of the CPP41419 Certificate IV in real estate practice qualification include the choice of online classes or studying in the student lounge with one on one tutoring, which is unlimited. Moreover, there are only 10 specially designed sets of assessments, which don’t burden the students. This local Queensland-based training also incorporates 19 nationally recognized units of competency that are the office of fair trading compliant.

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