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If you are that action-loving youngster, this job will be a dream come true for you as there isn’t one lazy moment. The campus interviewers’ rejection can be a boon for some students who hate a desk job, love the outdoors, and passion for various things. There are plenty of options to research and build a career, and here is a list of the top five opportunities. executive protection certification is a great way to learn skills that could save your life. Executive protection services offer round-the-clock surveillance by specially trained agents who will be there for you 24/7. This certification can provide agents with an opportunity to earn continuing education credits toward recertification.

Comprehensive Security Training is a practical 12-day core course in the field of security. In this course, students learn the basics of fighting tactics Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, and additional redirection drills. Students go through a step-by-step process to develop a confident understanding of each topic through classroom and practical exercises. CST graduates are qualified to work as bodyguards, event security guards, and much more. Visiting will offer you reports on how to enroll in executive protection training at Pacific West Academy.

Many who serve in the military become great candidates for executive protection since they can adapt well on the go and have years of experience providing security while serving in the armed forces. Outstanding communication and writing skills are also attributes of an executive protection professional. Additionally, having excellent customer service skills is necessary for providing executive protection since you may have to deal with many people in public. Other attributes may include firearms training, self-defense skills, and sound judgment and decision-making skills.

If you need a VIP protection course, this is the perfect opportunity to enroll. We can show you what it takes to become an expert in self-defense and personal safety, so contact us today for more information on our course offerings. When working in the security industry, there are many risks that you need to be aware of. These risks can range from natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes to artificial threats such as terrorist attacks. Therefore, this academy is the best academy for the students to get a professional certificate. These courses in their CV will impose a great impression in any field of security.

If working for a client full time, then the executive protection salaries are typically lower compared to short term assignments but offer more job security. Pay rates can vary from $25 an hour to $500 a day for the short term, and long term can be anywhere from k annually. Invictus Security & Firearms Training instructors bring with them real-world experience in personal protection, sharing their background knowledge with our curriculum to provide engaging and realistic lessons to students. We know our students have a variety of reasons to receive Executive Protection Training, from celebrity protection, estate protection to political protection details, we strive to instruct in each aspect of the industry. Our graduates will receive their Personal Protection Specialist Certifications , and be prepared for the executive protection industry. Pacific West Academy has centers offering a 12-day Comprehensive Security program.

28-day HECPO course will give you proficient ability, empowering you to take on any undertakings as an all-around prepared individual security expert in unfriendly regions. The course will give you the necessary degree of capability for high danger defensive tasks in the business close assurance industry and the private military area these days. Clients who are seeking executive protection services should ensure they hire a company that is licensed and carries general liability insurance. Executive protection services may include protecting a VIP for a concert tour or an executive who may have been threatened by another person. Many companies hire executive protection services for their organization in the situation; a threat of violence occurs in the workplace. During elections, candidates may hire executive protection services to ensure they are safeguarded during campaigning events.

The training at Pacific West Academy is done in a periodic manner that is all steps are performed by the students step by step. Their qualified staff provides a deep understanding through practical exercises and the classroom to their students. Pacific West Academy has quality facilities that their bodyguard training students enjoy. Besides allotted classrooms where the training takes place, they also have shooting ranges and official equipment that help with the training.

You will get an understanding of the work as a bodyguard and the preparation needed to fill in as one. You will be prepared in essential and progressed guns, shifty and strategic driving, hand-to-hand battle, chief insurance developments, and fundamental study hall work. Leader Protection Certification programs at Pacific West Academy give understudies the aptitudes to be successful in any situation in the security and chief insurance vocation fields. Stay tuned for our exclusive article with the Pacific West Academy to learn more about their programs, instructors, and why they’re officially EP Wired’s Top EP Training School for 2022. Pacific West Academy for Training The PWA is a training institute which is focussed on creating better individuals who will be fit to protect the people under any circumstances.

If you are seeking a career in executive protection that the first step is to research and understand the industry. Executive protection requires a lot of training and experience to become a professional in the industry. It is recommended that those seeking this security profession should attend multiple training courses to add more skills and knowledge to their resume. A person should explore training schools that will not only enhance their abilities but also help the individual with networking job opportunities. Many Executive protection training schools help agents with short term and long term employment opportunities. If seeking to work locally, the person should also obtain any state licenses that may be required to perform security duties.

Many who leave law enforcement and the military are great candidates for executive protection training since they already have a background in security. This type of training teaches students how to conduct security surveys, Route analysis, threat management, motorcade operations, and the basic principles of personal protection. Executive protection jobs are available for those with security experience in the industry and those who have completed training for executive protection. There are various types of executive protection jobs for short term and full-time assignments, depending on the needs of the client. When VIPs travel, they may hire additional security to augment their security teams.

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