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Another type of home-use inflatable has evolved, with a blower pumping in air continuously. Pores in the seams and material allow air to escape as children play, while the blower continues to inflate the unit. This category has emerged as a response to parents who wish to buy an inflatable for home use. With adult play a growing trend, bouncy castle rentals have also seen increased popularity at weddings.

The inflatable attraction industry has seen incredible growth over the years, and Magic Jump is proud to be a pioneer in providing only premium inflatable attractions made in America. Established in 1995, we are Southern California’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality inflatables that adhere to the strictest industry standards on safety. Starting in 2018, Magic Jump is the new “”Home of Licensed Inflatables”” with Official Licensed bounce houses based on the top entertainment properties in pop culture. You’ll also want to consider where your nearest power source is before deciding where to set up your bounce house. If you don’t have a generator to plug your air blower into, you’ll need an extension cord to plug it into the nearest electrical outlet.

If there are straps that are not being used, ensure they are properly tied up so that children can’t get entangled in them. Ensure the bounce house is secured to the ground per the instructions. There are also inflatable obstacle courses that allow for participants to have races/sword fights and compete against one another.

This six-person inflatable bounce house doesn’t skimp on size. While you might think this means it’s a nuisance to move around and blow up, you’ll be pleased to know it weighs only 66 pounds and can be inflated in as little as two minutes, thanks to the included tube and blower. We also like that it comes with a carrying case and rolls back up into the size of a large sleeping bag for convenient storage.

Knock-offs are bad for your business and the entire amusement industry. Cleaning a bounce house may seem like a daunting task, but you can do it in a cost-effective way with the right tools. You’ll want to clean it on a large tarp using a shop vac , sponges, wash rags, a brush, mild dish soap, vinegar, a garden hose, and clean, dry towels. Create a cleaning solution that’s roughly three parts water and one part vinegar with a few drops of mild dish soap.

“”Some bounce houses double as a water slide, and these are called ‘wet or dry combos,'”” Peng says. “”They are great for year-round use and come with a removable water hose for cooler seasons.”” There are even bounce houses can be inflated both indoors and outdoors. Added features typically include slides, water elements, or ball pits. Rambunctious kids between 3 and 8 will have loads of fun tumbling and prancing around in this Little Tikes bounce house.

Games such as Jump’n Dodgeball, DoubleShot Bouncer, Arc Arena II Sports Bouncer and the Lucky Rainbow Bouncer all have unique games that let your kids play and remain active, even after the bouncing fun is over. When KidWise designs a bounce house, moon bounce, bouncy house with slide, inflatable game, inflatable obstacle or even just a slide, we use our imagination every step of the way. KidWise Bouncers feature fun and games and always put safety first.

Check to make sure that the edges of the patch are sealed and no air is escaping from the area anymore. Start by removing any larger debris and dirt using the vacuum or broom. From there, brush it down and then scrub your bounce house thoroughly using the cleaning solution. If you have disinfecting wipes, it would be a good idea to use those on areas of the bounce house that children touch the most. Once done, hose it down completely and wipe it with dry towels as much as possible.

We are the only US bounce house manufacturer to have Top Entertainment Licenses, ASTM Compliant Bounce House and an Unbeatable Warranty. We frequently have specials with bounce house for sale at discounted and affordable prices, with financing options available. Additional reporting was done byJulia Fieldsa lifestyle writer for The Spruce covering all things surrounding toys, gifts, and the holidays since October 2021. Before that, she covered similar topics including toy reviews, product round-ups, expert-focused articles, and more.

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